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GeoSentinel Foundation Board Member Dr. David Hamer at a community research site in Zambia

GeoSentinel Foundation Board Member Dr. David Hamer at a community research site in Zambia with traditional birth attendants and community health workers.

Preventing the next pandemic starts with you.

You don’t have to be an epidemiologist to help stop the next pandemic.

Right now, you can make sure the scientists working at the vanguard of infectious disease research have the resources to detect and mitigate new, potentially devastating outbreaks.

By giving to the GeoSentinel Foundation, you help:

  • Empower premier epidemiologists on every continent to better identify, track, contain, prevent and treat emerging infectious diseases
  • Advance research around pathogens, tests and therapies
  • Fuel innovation around disease surveillance and prevention
  • Improve safety for global travelers and migrants
  • Save lives in countries where exposure to infectious diseases remains high

Your support is essential

The Foundation supports the 71 GeoSentinel Network clinics and others that monitor and share data about travel-related illnesses among mobile populations worldwide.

Help make the world safer for all

We have a proven track record and the infrastructure already in place. However, opportunities for innovation, flexibility and the acceleration of our responses depend on your financial support.

With your help, we can do even more to keep your community and the world safe. The need is urgent, and our mission is clear. We can’t do it without you.

Interested in a directed donation to help fund a research project?

Our staff will work with you to identify possible projects in the GeoSentinel pipeline that align with your organization’s mission.

To Donate

To discuss funding the overall work of the Foundation or specific research projects, contact the GeoSentinel Foundation at:
212-734-3000 or admin@geosentinelfoundation.org

“Supporting the Foundation funds the kind of activities that improve lives everywhere in new and better ways. It assists our work with international partners to share critical data and be innovative in our approaches to solving health crises.

We have some of the world’s brightest clinician researchers clamoring to do more collaboratively around diagnostics and treatment — work that has a direct impact on people’s lives. This requires support from donors who are passionate about making a difference.”

Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky
GeoSentinel Foundation Board Member, Principal Investigator for the GeoSentinel Network, Professor Emerita, Emory University Department of Medicine/Division of Infectious Diseases

“To get more ideas and to reach more people in more places, you need funding. That’s the key ingredient. I would encourage anyone looking to make a difference to support the GeoSentinel Foundation.”

Donor Charles D. Riviezzo, J.D.,
Chief Compliance Officer
Inverness Counsel